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Monday, May 5, 2008

Don Cherry to Join ESPN

Word out of Toronto is that colorful Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry will join ESPN for the NHL Conference Finals and maybe even the Stanley Cup. NBC brought Cherry in previously during the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals to enlighten the US audience and drive up ratings.

This is a good move by ESPN, but somewhat surprising. I didn't really think they cared about covering hockey this much, especially since they have rights to competing NBA Playoff series'. Don Cherry will do a good job making the broadcasts fun and interesting though he may be a little controversial. That, however, is good in American TV. The NBA, NFL and MLB have thrived with a ton of controversy surrounding their game and in particular, many of their athletes. It gets the game in the papers, internet and other forms of media, generating attention, awareness and interest. Despite "Spygate," the Tim Donaghy scandal and the steroid era, financially and interest-wise, these leagues have never been healthier.

Sports is no longer just about sports these days it's about sports AND entertainment. Don Cherry will deliver that.

Here's a clip of Cherry's stint at NBC last season, enjoy!:

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