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Friday, March 21, 2008

NY Rangers Anti-Trust Appeal gets tossed

The New York Rangers got their appeal thrown out of court for their anti-trust law suit against the NHL. Personally, I think this whole lawsuit is pretty ridiculous. By creating 30 "cookie-cutter" websites that allow each individual team to control their own content, the NHL is not hampering the Rangers ability to compete within their own market at all. It simply gives a uniform design, and smaller-market teams who don't have the resources to have certain content (e.g. video, other multimedia, advertisments), a chance to improve their website. In fact, if you consider the competition to be other sports leagues and forms of entertainment, this move likely helps the Rangers and the NHL compete. The Rangers however, seem to see other NHL teams as the competition. I tend to agree with the former line of thinking. Whose ever heard of a Rangers fan switching to the Islanders or Devils because they have a better website? The competition is with other websites such as

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