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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saskin Situation Settled

The Saskin Saga finally reached its conclusion yesturday as Ted Saskin agreed to a $400 000 settlement. Apparently, he had negotiated a 15-month severance package of approximately $2 million dollars in case he was fired. Sounds pretty slick (if not sick) to me. The fact that a Union Head could seize power without following the NHLPA Constitution, convince the players he was worth a ridiculous salary (that was double that of MLB Union Head Donald Fehr according to, and attempt to quell the voices who opposed his hiring by hacking into private accounts to read their emails is disgusting. This isn't even mentioning all of his shenanigans in between, like when he held his so called "secret vote" (whose results he annouced publicly before it was over), exchanged information with the League about his opponents within the union, and attempted to deflect concerns over his hiring by accusing his opponents of just being upset about the results of the lockout. According to some, he managed to cast a cloud of secrecy over the union not rivaled since the days of Eagleson. In a perfect world he would have walked away with nothing. (Actually, he still would have been very lucky considering all the damage he did). Unfortunately that is not the case. At least, the union can now move on and hopefully with strong leadership, have a good working relationship with the League. Something that it has never had.

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