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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celebrity Bloggers: Do People Really Care?

The NHL recently unveiled it's stable of celebrities who will spend the postseason blogging on NHL Connect at Lauren Conrad, Jason Reitman, Kevin Smith, Adam Beach, Eddie Cahill, William Fichtner, David Boreanaz, and Willa-Ford Modano are part of the crew who'll keep fans updated during the postseason.

It's interesting that the NHL asked many celebrities who blogged during the last postseason to return. Fichtner, Boreanaz, Cahill, and Tom Cavanagh were all part of the 2007 edition of the celebrity blogging crew. I also thought it was a brilliant move to bring in currently one of the most popular celebrities in Lauren Conrad. She's a huge hit with the MTV Crowd, and she'll definitely spark interest in the 18-25 year old demographic. The NHL has usually not been able to bring in the so called "A-list" celebrities, that has started to change. They got Lil 'Jon to blog last season (kind of!), and they brought in Ne-Yo, Alyssa Milano and Usher in for the All-Star Game in Atlanta.

Now, with that said, I really got to ask one question! Do fans actually care about these celebrities blogging??? When I was surfing through the NHL Connect pages during the All-Star Game and Playoffs last season, it seemed like these bloggers didn't really interact with the fans. They just posted their blogs or used the platform to announce their projects/products. The same goes for most of the Artists of the Month. They didn't answer questions or post on other peoples pages. Now I may be wrong, as they may have messaged people privately, but I really doubt it. Also, to give them some credit some of the celebs do add people to their friends list, whether they interact with them or not.

Hearing their thoughts in their blog is interesting, but the whole point of inviting these celebs on in the first place is to create fan interest by getting them to interact with fans. Now personally, I understand these people have busy lives, and it's not practical to talk to every person who posted on your page, the amount of responses would be monumental (plus, people have lives!). But a little more direct interaction, answering a question here and there, and directly posting on someone else's page once in a while wouldn't hurt. Like I said, the whole point of inviting these celebs on in the first place is to create fan interest by getting them to interact with fans, and post their thoughts. That's what the NHL ought to push for.

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