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Monday, April 21, 2008

Networks Should Televise Events in their Entirety... No Matter How Many Eyeballs Are Watching

Also from Eric McErlain of the AOL Fanhouse, the NHL apparently dodged a bullet today as the program on NBC before Game 6 of the Detroit Red Wings-Nashville Predators series, the Outback Steakhouse Pro Am Golf tournament, nearly went to a playoff, thanks to Scott Hoch. This potential episode brought back memories of the Eastern Conference Finals last year, between the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators, when NBC switched to the race track, to air pre-race coverage of the Preakness Stakes. This time, NBC said it would switch the golf tournament to the Golf Channel and air the game. However, that was unnecessary, as Scott Hoch missed a put from 2.5 feet to lose the tourney.

Personally, had NBC decided to not air the beginning of the Red Wings-Predators game, I don't think it would have been as embarrassing as last years fiasco. When a network is televising an event, it makes an implicit promise to show the event in its entirety. If people didn't expect to be shown the whole event, how many people would tune in? Especially if the ending isn't shown, that's the most important part! People may be able to live with missing some of the start of an event, but to not finish an event, especially an event as important as the Stanley Cup playoffs, after building up to it is just plain cruel. Rarely will I ever say that something is beyond ratings, profits, or the bottom line, but this is. No matter how small the event or how few people are interested in watching, it should go on till the end. Not everyone subscribes to the Golf Channel or USA network. They shouldn't be cheated! That's why I could live with missing the start of the Red Wings-Predators game. It would be the right thing to do, just as showing the Buffalo-Ottawa game in it's entirety would have been the right thing to do.

Your thoughts?

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