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Sunday, April 20, 2008

NHL Should Find Ways to Encourage Video Responses to Increase Interest (ie Response to Darryl Parks Video)

You got to give this guy credit, whether you agree with him or not (is there anyone out there? lol). This is extremely innovative (who ever thought they would see something like this? I sure didn't) and shows us the power of Web 2.0, as some people like to call it. The NHL ought to find ways to encourage this. It allows fans a way to directly interact with their teams and the league. They can let the league know what they like and dislike (player moves, hirings and firings etc.) and whatever else is on their minds. NBA on TNT will sometimes take video responses to questions on Youtube and air them for their NBA games. Versus and NBC ought to think about this. They need all the help they can get (Versus especially) to get TV ratings, if fans thought their responses would be aired on National TV, thats a pretty strong incentive to tune in. Also, if the responses are fun and interesting, and get a reputation for providing good entertainment, then another incentive is created for regular folks to tune in as well. I don't know if the Vancouver Canucks hockey team agree with Darryl Parks but I give him credit for his creativity.

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